Street, People and Environment

There are many stories about being in a crowded city. The problems, the fun, the chaos, the crowd, the days , the nights and everything else. I view my city as a story told in a new way each day by street, nature, people and environment. My each photo has a story which I felt. Maybe you will also like it, maybe not today , maybe someday else.


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Student of Mr. Joydeep Mukherjee /member of team CSFK. Photography is my passion. I always try to capture those moments which captures my mind... expressions just get embedded.

2 thoughts on “Street, People and Environment”

  1. I love the documentation. Please add some more images.

    But I have a query. Why do you express these as bnw images? Because from my POV, the colour of the afternoon sunlight,the reddish warm tone…That may add some more reality.IMO

    Please share your point of view dada


    1. Thank You Subhajit for visiting the site.
      Well you see the we all know how the picture will look when it is in color. So I have set the tones to monochrome so that the theme and the story of the picture dominates over everything else.


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