About the Photographer

Freelance Amateur Photographer from Calcutta, India

I discovered my love for the shutter-art in the year of 2012; since then I have been capturing moments of life, special or commonplace, to discover new stories. My mentor Mr Joydeep Mukherjee, one of the finest exponents of this field in Kolkata, have been guiding and training me on where, when and why to press the shutter! Precisely, that is the art of photography and that is why it fascinates me. A very common thing or common expression can make a grand frame, just because of the timing; it is the magic of a moment!
I do not believe that one needs to stick to the conventional rules of creation, or to focus on making something grand to become a photographer. Trying to be special is a vice for this art, or any kind of art in the world. It is the spontaneity of the human heart that can make a great creation, a David out of a stone.
This is why I stick to my feelings, not to the rules. When Nature sparks up my instinct, I click. I do not click because everyone around me is clicking!
I do not know whether the photos captured by me are great or not, or whether they are good at all; but about one thing I can assure my viewers, that all the frames are taken from honest feeling. That is what makes all of them special—my own shots!
Presently I am an amateur photographer (people and documentary). Till now I have participated in a few exhibitions in Kolkata. I want to share my stories with world-wide viewers. Who knows, the spark which moves me to click, may ignite flames in other hearts too! That would be the greatest success of my photography!