Canal Fishery – A Morning

In the outskirts of our city we have some places where man made big canal and ponds are constructed to harvest fishes. These are propriety based business and often handled by one man with a assistant and workers.

There are many such places and the locals call them “Bherri” or Harvest Ground for Fishes. These large and medium water bodies do not have a recurring amount of maintenance cost since the natural resources is what is needed for a good growth of fishes. Fresh water fishes are common in local markets and so if someone has a brain, finance and local contacts then it becomes easy to run the business.

Still there are many obstacles and unprecedented incidents such as storm, water pollution, excessive rainfall, labour and worker management issues and not the least financial problems. In such cases loss becomes unavoidable. Well, some have the strength to fight these hindrances and continue for the next season while others pack up and set for other jobs.

I have tried to document a whole morning of their activities, during winter season when working in dense fog and cold is very hard. I wish to go back again and continue this story, so till then this is what I have for the viewers.


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